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Education and training in meteorology and related sciences to enhance capacities on meteorological services in the African Region.

The Institute for Meteorological Training and Research (IMTR) is a World Meteorological Organization Regional Training Centre (WMO – RTC) in Nairobi. The Institute is charged with the responsibility of training personnel in Meteorology, Operational Hydrology and related geo-sciences in the country and the English-speaking countries in Africa and parts of Asia. The Institute has ability to organize and host specialized training courses due to its existing infrastructure, manpower and collaboration with other institutions both locally, regionally and internationally. The Institute offers regular courses as prescribed by WMO and tailor- made courses depending on the training needs. All courses are conducted in the English language

Upcoming Events

Instruments Maintenance and Calibration Course (IMCC) - 3rd - 28th January 2022

Equips participants with knowledge and practical skills in the science of measurement as well as care and calibration of meteorological instruments. Requirements: O-level certificate, Open to individuals with knowledge in basic meteorological instruments and observations Duration: 4 weeks

Meteorological Instruments and Methods of Observation Course (MIMOC) -January to March 2022

Enables the trainee understand the principles of basic meteorological instruments and observational techniques. Requirements: O-Level Certificate. Open to individuals who require to learn meteorological observation techniques. Duration: 3 months